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15 June 2021

5 Things To Enjoy With Your Father this Father’s Day

After over a year of the Covid pandemic, which has been marked by intermittent lockdowns, Father’s Day this year is an opportunity to celebrate, at the height of British summer, all important family ties. This year, it offers special opportunities as we all seek to re-enter the world, visit our families again, see new places and mingle with other people. So why not cast aside the ersatz world of video calls and virtual entertainment and gift your father an unforgettable real life experience?


Enjoy Luxurious Grooming Experience

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to treat your father to a specialised grooming experience at our flagship store in St. James’s Street, London. He will emerge feeling pampered, refreshed and enriched with plenty of expert advice on shaving and skincare routines. Truefitt & Hill offers two options, both of which comprise a haircut and a shampoo, a traditional hot towel wet shave as well as a manicure. All treatments, other than the manicure, are expertly performed by our Master Barbers and offer a consultation and analysis of the client’s haircare and shaving routine. In addition, The Ultimate Grooming Experience offers a Facial Treatment, which is carefully designed to exfoliate, tone, soothe and balance the skin. Not only a chance to appreciate professional grooming at its best, this ultimate pampering session will leave every gentleman feeling relaxed and refreshed, making sure that he can put his best face forward each and every day. 

Go to a Country House Opera

The summertime world of country house operas is a brilliant treat, even for the Covid-wary. It will certainly feel like a special event and many patrons will enjoy the sense of occasion accompanied by the ritual of dressing up to look and feel the part.

Performances take place outside, often with spectacular architectural backdrops, in some of England’s most beautiful private gardens. You arrive early, generally around 5pm for pre-opera drinks. Long intervals of around 100 minutes are a chance to enjoy supper, either in a restaurant on-site, or a marquee in the park. Alternatively, at many venues you can bring your own stylish picnic – bring fold-up chairs, glasses and cutlery as well as a cool box, full of wonderful delights. Classic English summer treats such as asparagus, smoked salmon and strawberries can be delicately nibbled on, with minimal loss of decorum.

Suggested venues:

Glyndebourne, Sussex: https://www.glyndebourne.com/ 

The Grange Opera Festival, Hampshire: https://thegrangefestival.co.uk/whats-on/

Garsington Opera, Wormsley, Bucks: https://www.garsingtonopera.org/

Opera Holland Park, London: https://operahollandpark.com/ 

Visit a Stately Home

Britain’s rich heritage of gracious stately homes, gardens and parks is gradually opening up after the interruptions of Covid. A day out at one of these magnificent settings is a chance to soak up historic architecture, explore some impressive art collections, and wander through gracious parklands and manicured gardens. Opportunities for al fresco picnics are limitless. You can always eat on-site, although this may involve fighting the crowds. Some online research and planning may turn up a suitable pub in a nearby village, which will be an excellent way to round off your treat.

Suggested venues:

Petworth House and Park, Sussex: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/petworth-house-and-park

Chatsworth House and Park, Peak District: https://www.chatsworth.org/

Dyrham park, Gloucestershire: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/dyrham-park

Ickworth, Suffolk: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/ickworth 

Sample the Best of English Wine

With over 500 vineyards, which are thriving in Britain’s warming climate, English wine is a new force in the world of viticulture and is earning many international plaudits. The English specialism is sparkling wine, which is well suited to our cooler climate and the chalky soils of the southeast, but white, red and rosé wines are also beginning to garner well deserved recognition. A visit to a vineyard is an excellent day out in the country, a chance to revel in the exotic vistas of vine-covered English valleys, while sampling a range of products and delighting the taste buds with gourmet food on-site. Experts and vineyard owners are generally on hand to offer advice and guidance, while discriminating purchases of various products are bound to bring a most satisfying closure to the day.

Suggested Vineyard Visits:

Sharpham Wine, Totnes, Devon: https://sharpham.com/

Tillingham Wine, Peasemarsh, East Susssex: https://tillingham.com/

Balfour Winery, Hush Heath, Kent: https://balfourwinery.com/

Chapel Down, Tenterden. Kent: https://www.chapeldown.com 

Lay on a Lavish Barbecue

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to treat your father to some refined outdoor entertaining, who knows - he may even enjoy taking a turn at the grill! And if you keep a careful eye on the weather forecast, you may even be able to benefit from the best of the British summer. If this is going to be a relaxing treat, you must ensure that everything is ready before your guests arrive, as even comfortable informality requires a great deal of forethought. Ensure that the barbecue is lit and ready, and all the marinated meat, or fish, as well as side salads are prepared and waiting. Don’t make the common mistake of thinking that, just because it’s a garden event, guests will be happy juggling food and drink while standing or perching on rickety chairs. Try and provide a table and comfortable chairs so nobody has to balance plates on their laps. Make sure there is plenty of shade, if you are fortunate enough to have good weather, sitting in the full sun may become uncomfortable for your guests. Additionally, do keep your guests hydrated and provide plentiful supplies of ice cold water, perhaps made more interesting by a twist of fresh lemon or a few sprigs of mint.

Finally, ensure that there is a celebratory atmosphere by laying on some special drinks – sparkling English wine would undoubtedly be a treat as would be a mini-keg of real ale from your local brewery.

Most importantly, however, do relax and enjoy!

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