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Give The Gifts That Keep On Giving

Give The Gifts That Keep On Giving

No matter how much one might look forward to the festive season, the spectre of gift finding, and gift giving, looms for some as large as Marley’s ghost over proceedings from the end of November onwards. Because, even if you relish the process - the ambling through St James’s as Christmas lights twinkle and the centuries old store windows look so inviting - the struggle of what to gift for whom is a tricky path to tread. It’s particularly pertinent in the current climate, where extraneous possessions are becoming more prevalent than ever. It means that the gift you choose needs to be something of longevity, and of use, something to be cherished and enjoyed for years to come.

Fortunately, thanks to Truefitt & Hill’s dedication to craft excellence, our range of grooming products, as well as our series of colognes, are crafted with timelessness in mind. We have, after all, been taking care of gentlemanly ablutions and grooming needs since 1805, and from Charles Dickens to Winston Churchill, we’ve kept the most exacting of men ready to face the world.

This Christmas, in selecting a gift that will stand the test of time, perhaps it’s prudent to start with that everyday morning ritual, the shave. It’s something that so often falls under the ‘must do’ category, as opposed to a small everyday pleasure to relish and take time over. Take our Wellington Collection for example; the handsome shaving set in faux ebony looks not only wonderfully classic, but also the design is such that it will work with a contemporary Mach III or Fusion razor. Or for truly 21st century aesthetes, our Chrome Shaving Stand with Bowl is a sleek, gleaming affair that elevates the everyday act of shaving. And both are the antithesis of throwaway culture.   

Men tend to be reluctant when it comes to indulging themselves, or to take a term from the zeitgeist, partaking in “self-care”; their traditional position as the household “providers” means that their skincare is low on the priority list. So, do it for him this Christmas. Show how much he is valued and remind him to take some time out for himself with a gift set tailor made to his unique skin requirements. The Ultimate Comfort Gift Set, for example, is specially curated to help soothe sensitive skin before and after shaving, while our Classic Shave Gift Set, including Shaving Cream, Balm and 100ml Cologne is a one stop shop of grooming accoutrement that will add elan to his morning. 

On the subject of cologne, choosing the right one can be tricky; if in doubt steer towards something that can traverse any time of day and any type of situation, from boardroom meetings in Zurich to cocktails at Zedels. Classicism is key here; the aromatic Sandalwood or the light, citrus-tinged Freshman will see him through any situation. And with a 20% discount this Black Friday there’s no better time to pinpoint his fragrance personality.

Likewise, for the man who starts his day in one city and ends it in another, travel accessories to make his dynamic dashing that little bit easier are an informed gifting option. A manicure set to ensure he’s polished wherever his location, or a traveller friendly shaving brush to make sure he softens his bristles even in far flung bathrooms, where an all important meeting may well be in the offing, will come into their own as he unpacks his wash bag.

And what if he is the type, as many are, to feel he reached “peak product” and is adopting a Marie Kondo approach to paring down his bathroom cabinet? An experience will force him to take time out of his day to stop, relax and be tended to. Our Ultimate Grooming Experience offers a full roster of treatments - Hot Towel Wet Shave, Facial, Manicure and Haircut - for a positively sybaritic MOT. Otherwise, steer him towards our Traditional Cut-Throat Shaving Class, taking him back to a more refined era when a fellow would take time to enjoy the full ceremony and sense of occasion that is a cut-throat shave.

Gifting needn’t be about extravagance and red-letter moments; the most welcome gifts are the ones that add a touch of finesse to the everyday. And there’s no better way to do that than by placing flair, not just function, under the Christmas tree.

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