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The Gentleman’s Guide to Winter Grooming

The Gentleman’s Guide to Winter Grooming

The winter months are well and truly upon us, and the harsh, cold temperatures can take its toll on your skin. With less moisture in the air, your complexion dries out and can become sensitive and uncomfortable. Nevertheless, we certainly know a thing or two about grooming and are firm believers in the importance of a well-edited skincare regime to thwart winter’s wrath. This season, give your skin the treatment it deserves.

The first step to better skincare is to know your skin type. This can range from oily and shiny, dry and tight or combination to normal. Finding out your complexion makes bolstering your defences easier from the offset.



Make an exfoliator your new port of call during the colder months. Once temperatures drop your skin’s delicate balance can become disrupted. This means your cells regenerate slower, leaving your complexion lacklustre and flaky. Help things along with a soft exfoliator that sloughs off surface cells and quells blemishes, too.



Cleansers are an excellent way to thoroughly remove the grit and grime that can build up on your skin after long days in the city. An essential component in your routine, choose one that is gentle enough to be used twice a day, in the morning and at night, and removes impurities without drying. Choose cleansers that contain hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, an active ingredient that plumps away fine lines and intensely hydrates dull, dry skin.



It’s always worth investing in an oil-based moisturiser that doesn’t leave a greasy residue. Our lightweight Advanced Facial Moisturiser is packed with nourishing ingredients to target the signs of ageing and leave skin hydrated and supple. As if that wasn't enough, it also creates a smooth, matte finish and is ideal post-shave.



Whilst our bodies are self-healing superstructures, our skin is actually the weaker contender in the self-repair stakes. The daily grind gets us down and our skin is the first to exhibit the effects of our busy modern lives. From serving a long list of well-groomed gentlemen and Monarchs of Great Britain, we believe it’s essential to get a start on the preventative front as early as possible. Look for products containing Glycolic Acid that penetrates the pores and works fast to combat wear and tear.


Eye care

A few too many late nights? Spending hours in front of a screen? The skin around your eyes shows if we look healthy and refreshed or tired and rundown. Dark circles are more noticeable in the winter, so it’s worth looking after this part of your face and picking a serum or cream that will help alleviate puffiness and reduce fine lines. Choose a lightweight, fast-absorbing product, preferably a roll-on that will illuminate and refresh the eye area when you wake up in the morning.



An essential component in any modern gentleman’s wash bag, lip salve or balm is truly a lifesaver. There are few things quite as irritating than chapped, dry lips and they’re particularly vulnerable in the winter, as they don’t have any oil glands to keep them moisturised. We suggest choosing one that contains SPF, helping you stay protected from that occasional winter sun.



Although a stiff drink might warm your cockles, alcohol isn’t so beneficial for your complexion and can dehydrate fast. This is also the same when applied topically, so when stocking up on your winter cabinet, make sure you choose alcohol-free products.



One part of your body besides your face that is exposed during the colder months is your hands, and they’re often overlooked. If you’re not one to cover them with gloves, we recommend investing in a decent hand cream – it will become invaluable when the temperatures drop. It’s a must for those who work outdoors and if you’re a gym goer – it will soften callused skin and stop it from splitting.


Diet and vitamin supplements

If your diet is insufficient in essential fatty acids, your body struggles to heal properly and this can really take its toll on your complexion - try eating plenty of oily fish like salmon or mackerel. Since the sun is scarce over the winter months, it might be worth taking supplements to help boost your immune system. Vitamin D can help your cells regenerate and function better, and in turn keeps your skin healthy. Other key vitamins are C and E, found in broccoli and leafy greens, so make sure you ask for extra portions.


Beard 101

Facial hair wicks moisture away from the surface of the skin, so it’s just as important to consider how you look after your facial hair this season. Firstly, use our Coconut Shampoo (that's mild enough for beards and works very well) when you’re in the shower; this will clean the hair thoroughly and keep it healthy – use cooler temperatures as hot water strips the skin of its natural oils. Secondly, use our beard balm or oil to moisturise and help reduce dandruff – they’re our best sellers.


Drink plenty of water

Lastly, one of the most crucial ways of keeping not just your body in good health, but your skin looking youthful, is to drink lots of water – two litres is the recommended daily amount for a man. Take time to hydrate yourself from the inside out. If water isn’t your preferred choice, we suggest drinking herbal teas such as jasmine or mint – these will also keep you warm while staying hydrated.


On that note

It’s important to remember that everyone’s skin is different and not one method suits all, however simple changes to your grooming routine can drastically transform the quality of your complexion for the better. To celebrate Black Friday, Truefitt & Hill are offering an online discount of 10% on cosmetics including cleansers, serums and oils to make sure all of your grooming needs are covered.



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