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Truefitt & Hill – Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Souvenir Shaving Mug

Truefitt & Hill – Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Souvenir Shaving Mug

There is a feeling of celebration in the air. Summer is upon us, friends and family reunite, and across the capital, the country and The Commonwealth, people are looking to gather. A long weekend has been granted, the bunting is out, flags are flying, cakes decorated, and garden parties planned. The unique occasion? HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Truefitt & Hill is taking part in the festivities and marking this momentous milestone by producing an elegant bone china, limited-edition Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Souvenir Shaving Mug in a triumphant shade of purple, exquisitely boxed in a comparable colourway.

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place on June 2nd, 1953 at Westminster Abbey in London. Her Majesty’s coronation came a year after the death of her father, King George VI and the event was the first British coronation to be televised, allowing millions of people across the globe to tune in and watch the splendour, pomp and pageantry of this historic event.

Truefitt & Hill follows a long tradition of producing magnificent pieces of collectables to commemorate Royal celebrations, such as Jubilees and Royal Weddings of the past. The first examples of such memorabilia pre-date Truefitt & Hill itself, with the first Royal collectable dating back to the reign of HM King Charles II, while the first commercial shaving mugs were sold during the last days of the reign of one of the most famous of Truefitt & Hill’s patrons, HM Queen Victoria.

Thereafter Coronation collectables became something of a craze. One of the first china items created to commemorate the Coronation of Edward VII in Westminster Abbey in 1902, was the ‘moustache’ cup, designed to accommodate the bushy facial hair, so fashionable amongst gentlemen at the time.

Today, as well as a being collectable, Truefitt’s Platinum Jubilee Souvenir Shaving Mug has a functional role too. Historically, to perform a wet shave, the barber placed a round bar of soap onto a mug, and then scrubbed that bar with a brush to produce a lather – later many barbers individualized shaving mugs for their customers, and such mugs became very popular gifts for men. The Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Souvenir Shaving Mug is no acceptation, a fine gift to lift any family bathroom, whilst celebrating Her Majesty’s long, resplendent reign. 

By May 1937, and the Coronation of HM King George and his wife Elizabeth as King and Queen of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Commonwealth, and as Emperor and Empress of India, souvenir shaving mugs were all the rage and have become very collectable items today.

The Truefitt & Hill’s Platinum Jubilee Souvenir Shaving Mug marks a true milestone in HM Queen Elizabeth II’s seventy-year reign. Adorned with the official Platinum Jubilee logo on the front and on the reverse with the heraldic Truefitt & Hill design on an escutcheon, the Souvenir Shaving Mug sits magnificently in a soft-silver satin lined box, proudly emblazed with Truefitt’s logo.

This unique, limited-edition gift is a fitting homage from the World’s oldest barber and perfumer, who has had the undoubted privilege of serving The Royal Family for over two centuries, to the longest serving Queen in history of our Isles.



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