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Truefitt & Hill Turns 214 Years Old Today!

Truefitt & Hill Turns 214 Years Old Today!

October has always been a month of celebrations at Truefitt & Hill and although we are not ones to blow our own party whistle, turning 214 years old today means a certain degree of reflection on the storied Truefitt & Hill history is well deserved. Since our early incarnation in 1805 as wigmakers and haircutters to HM King George III, Truefitt has been a part of men’s grooming routines from royal chambers to Downing Street and the dandies of theatre and cinema. The handsome doors swept open on October 21st, just as the Battle of Trafalgar raged off the coast of Spain. The impact on British high society would be explosive in their own way, changing how men and women fundamentally engaged with grooming. 


Over two centuries later, Truefitt & Hill still keeps the bathroom cabinets of famous households well stocked, as well as polishing the poise of various prime ministers. Truefitt’s name has been mentioned in the works of Dickens and Thackeray and we were the first company to open a ladies salon - the first ever “hairdresser” as we know it today - providing grooming flourish and elan to male and female matinee idols of MGM glory days. 

But while it is delightful to look back on past glories, at Truefitt & Hill we don’t rest on our laurels (or lotions!), which is why, to take into account our dynamic, globe-trotting man of today – who is as likely to start his day with a business meeting on one continent and end it with cocktails in another, with Truefitt’s grooming products keeping him fresh throughout – we are inviting him to embark on a world-wide treasure hunt… It is a large scale, one-of-a-kind enterprise taking into account the breadth of our reach!


Truefitt & Hill have secreted 214 Prize Cards inside products across the globe! Whether purchased in store or online, certain product packaging will contain within it a prize card, offering a complimentary host of treasures - anything from another grooming product sequestered, be it a fragrance or shaving cream to razors or luxuries shaving sets! 

Alongside physical products, the prize cards will also offer experiences in one of our stores, from wet shaves and haircuts to the ultimate in grooming experiences! When so much of the retail experience can be one-note, Truefitt & Hill are taking a different tack and asking our patrons to celebrate along with us. The competition will span across selected on-line Truefitt & Hill sites as well as participating stores in the US, UK, India and the Middle East and it will only finish when the last, 214th prize card has been claimed! 


It is testament to the success of Truefitt & Hill’s formula that we can toast our 214th birthday in a truly global way. Whether it is formulating exciting new blends of colognes or working with suppliers to evolve new shaving sets, from partnering with charities to working with explorers and conservationists, the house has always looked at ways to innovate and explore new challenges.


And as we enter our 215th year, the oldest barbershop in the world - as recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records - has no plans to slow down!


Keep your eyes peeled - the hunt is on…

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