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Apsley Gift Set

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Apsley Gift Set

Apsley Cologne, named after the iconic London landmark and former residence of Truefitt & Hill stalwart, the 1st Duke of Wellington, is rather characteristic of the refined residence itself: ‘simple in its grandeur, and majestic in its simplicity’. This captivating blend of smouldering woods, accentuated by light citrus notes and enriched by sensual notes of musk, fragrances the glycerin based Apsley Shaving Cream, which is an excellent way to achieve a close, yet comfortable shave. Beyond the bathroom, the scent from the Apsley Candle will fill your home with a unique blend of grapefruit, pepper, cedarwood and patchouli and will set the tone for the perfect night in.

The set includes a Cologne (100ml), a Candle and a Shaving Cream Bowl (190g).

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