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Limited-Edition Platinum Jubilee Souvenir Shaving Mug

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Limited-Edition Platinum Jubilee Souvenir Shaving Mug

Truefitt & Hill are delighted to offer a limited-edition Platinum Jubilee commemorative Souvenir Shaving Mug, especially crafted to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s 70th anniversary of accession to the Throne.

Adorned with the official Platinum Jubilee logo on one side, and on the reverse, the heraldic Truefitt & Hill design of an escutcheon, the Platinum Jubilee Souvenir Shaving Mug, sits magnificently in a soft-silver satin lined box. This unique, limited-edition gift to mark a monumental moment in the history of the United Kingdom, is Truefitt & Hill’s homage to the longest serving Queen in history and is bound to become a collector’s item as we continue to celebrate our Queen throughout the Jubilee year of 2022.  

£ 65

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