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Wellington Silvertip Shaving Brush – Bulb Knot

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Wellington Silvertip Shaving Brush – Bulb Knot

From the Wellington Collection of grooming accessories. Our Silvertip shaving brushes are handmade in the UK with the finest quality Silvertip badger hair, which has been proved to help isolate and massage bristles before shaving. ‘Silvertip’ is only found on the neck of the badger and it is the rarest and most expensive type of badger hair. In bulb knot shape hairs are directed into the centre making this shaving brush better suited for gentlemen with coarse, strong facial hair.   

Best paired with our Luxury Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl or Shaving Cream to produce a thick and creamy lather to help soften the hair and protect the skin during shaving.

£ 130

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