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Travel with Truefitt

Travel with Truefitt

With winter blues a distant memory as temperatures rise, thoughts are very much focused on your planned escape from the city and your travel destination is probably the one that incorporates sun, sand, lazing on emerald-coloured lawns, diving into aqua-marine waters shimmering under topaz skies, drinking jugs of iced-tea, or perhaps a mojito or two come cocktail hour.

July has long been a month that conveys celebration and jubilation. It is a festive time when our friends across the pond celebrate the Fourth of July, better known as Independence Day, while July 14th, Bastille Day, is also a national holiday for our neighbours in France.

 With school holidays on the horizon, the general mood in the United Kingdom, is one of escape and relaxation, with thoughts turning to having fun in the sun whether you are choosing to holiday at home or abroad this year and planning to spend your days at the seaside or pool side.However, there is always something terribly tedious about going on holiday – namely what and what not to take with you on your travels. So, before we lose you to a place between holiday heaven and packing hell, Truefitt & Hill would like to make sure that you are travel ready with our miniature medley of male grooming products, including holiday friendly Frequent Use and Coconut Shampoos, Shaving Cream in a Travel Tube and Travel Size Mach III Razor, in a choice of four colours – THE essential kit to keep you poised, preened and ready for the great escape.To set you on your way in style however, an addition of a 50ml Travel Cologne, maybe a summer fresh 1805, sophisticated Apsley or that stalwart for all seasons, Sandalwood, is just the ticket! To complete the line-up of travel essentials, Truefitt & Hill would like to offer you another essential – a complementary Bath & Shower Gel on purchase of any 50ml Cologne.

When it comes to male grooming, Truefitt & Hill has a middle ground to meet both the needs of the meticulous traveller as well as the chap who tends to throw everything in a bag and hope for the best. The bonus of a Travel Bath & Shower Gel on ordering a Travel Size Cologne will certainly ensure that whichever camp you are in, you keep clean and fresh for the duration of your journeys.


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